The organ of the St. Marienkirche has attracted many distinguished musicians to visit R?tha, Germany. During his stay in nearby Leipzig, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy frequently played on and was inspired by the instrument.

Organists are always delighted by the pleasing reaction of the organ tracker touch and those familiar with the organ admire its sound which is further supported by the beautiful acoustical properties of the church.

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Technical Details

Original 18 Stops



Virtual Console

The St. Marienkirche Silbermann virtual instrument features interactive on-screen graphical controls with a photo-realistic console display. Animated stops, couplers, keyboards, and pedals are all accessible via MIDI input or by touch screen. The stop control display offers larger stop knobs for easy use with touch screens and includes 10 generals for ease of registration changes.

Console displays include:

  • Console View?- A virtual reproduction of the original organ console.
  • Full View??- All controls on a single page for using with a single monitor.