The 30-stop English romantic organ recorded from St. Anne’s, Moseley in Birmingham, England shows the many features that Hauptwerk is capable of, including expression, tremulants, crescendo, bass and melody couplers as well as a fully working combination system identical to the original organ.

This virtual instrument is included and installed automatically with Hauptwerk.

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Technical Details

30 Stops





Virtual Console

The St. Anne’s virtual instrument features fully interactive graphical controls. Animated keyboards, pedals, expression pedal, stops, couplers and ventils are all accessible via MIDI input or touch screens.

Console displays include:

  • Console?- The original console with all controls, fully animated and interactive.
  • Divisionals??- Select which stops are assigned to the Divisional pistons.
  • Generals?-?Select which stops are assigned to the General FF and PP pistons.
  • Crescendo?- Select which stops will be affected by the 40 stage crescendo pedal.
  • Wind?- View the wind model in action.
  • Left Jamb?- All controls from the left jamb display.
  • Right Jamb?- All controls from the right jamb display.