“It sounds stunning!  I absolutely recommend Hauptwerk and this marvelous sample set.”

Christian Boogaard, Organist, The Netherlands

A masterpiece of the baroque period, the Hinsz organ of the Bovenkerk located in Kampen, Netherlands is perhaps one of the most sought-after Dutch organs by performing and recording artists from around the world.

Available in three volumes, the baroque instrument is ideal for contrapuntal works requiring a variety of tonal colors and is also well suited for romantic works which sound quite elegant.

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  • Includes over 8,000 audio samples.
  • Original Sampled Tremulants – OST™ for Vox Humana.
  • 24-bit 48 kHz HD stereo audio resolution.
  • Original cathedral acoustics up to 7 seconds.
  • Multiple release samples with up to 4 releases per note.
  • Accurately reproduced mechanical noises.
  • Original tuning with alternate temperament & tuning options.
  • Works with AU and VST plug-in host software.
  • Up to 8 seamless loops per note.
  • Multiple virtual console displays.
  • Additional pedal couplers.
  • 10 additional Generals for easy registration.
  • Fully modeled wind system.
  • Extended Edition offers wider compass.