Virtual Console

The Salisbury Willis virtual instrument features interactive on-screen graphical controls. Animated stops, couplers, foot levers, and pistons are all accessible via MIDI input or by touch screen. Volumes 2 and 3 include high definition graphics with left and right jamb displays in portrait and landscape modes allowing organists to perform using the original stop jamb layout.

Console displays include:

  • Full View – All controls on a single page for using with a single monitor.1
  • Left View – Controls from the left jamb for using with dual monitors.2
  • Right View – Controls from the right jamb for using with dual monitors.2

1. Volume 1 includes the Full View display only. Stops not included in volumes 1 & 2 appear as blank draw knobs. 2. Volumes 2 & 3 feature left and right views for landscape and portrait monitor orientations. Dual display feature requires Hauptwerk Advanced Edition and dual monitor video card. Touch screens not included.