“Such a charming organ with all those celebrated colors that bring French music to life.”

St. Eucaire in Metz, France is home to this beautiful and powerful 18 rank Cavaill?-Coll organ. The instrument is a perfect example of a smaller style French romantic organ and offers a wide range of tonal colors from a carefully selected palette of stops.

The virtual Cavaill?-Coll organ of St. Eucaire includes two separate microphone positions with our Perspective Mixer and an extended edition expanding the instrument to 22 stops.

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Listen to the details.

  • Includes nearly 10,000 audio samples.
  • Perspective Mixer for controlling two microphone perspectives.
  • Perspective Presets buttons.
  • OST™ for Voix Humaine 8 and Basson 8.
  • 24-bit 48 kHz HD stereo audio resolution.
  • Original church acoustics up to 4 seconds.
  • Multiple release samples with up to 4 releases per note.
  • Original organ tuning.
  • Extended edition comes standard with four extra stops.
  • Independent ‘Fonds’ and ‘Anches’ tremulants.
  • Fully functional L’Orage (Storm Pedal).
  • Optimized for widescreen monitors with 16:9 ratio.
  • Seamless integration with Hauptwerk sequencer.
  • Up to 8 seamless loops per note.
  • Multiple virtual console displays.
  • Authentic “Anches” ventil & coupling relay.
  • Fully modeled expression pedals.
  • Expression pedals link for Fonds and Anches expression pedals.
  • Accurately reproduced mechanical noises.
  • Adjustable blower level knob.

Perform with a whole new perspective.

The Perspective screen allows controlling the mix of two completely independent microphone positions in real time. Mix between organ and church perspectives to find the perfect balance of reverb or a more direct sound from near the organ console.

9 Perspective Preset buttons allow dialing in a preset mix, or connect a MIDI controller to each mixer fader to create custom mixes.

Click on the player to the right to use our interactive perspective mixer to hear the difference!  Open player >

The St. Eucaire virtual instrument also has many other unique features to give you maximum performance versatility such as the storm pedal and separate enclosures for the Fonds and Anches in the récit division. We’ve also included 4 extension ranks for more variety in your registration.

Click on the video to the left to watch a brief overview of the virtual instrument in Hauptwerk. Watch on YouTube >