A masterpiece of the baroque period, the Hinsz organ of the Bovenkerk located in Kampen, Netherlands is perhaps one of the most sought-after Dutch organs by performing and recording artists from around the world.

Available in three volumes, the baroque instrument is ideal for contrapuntal works requiring a variety of tonal colors and is also well suited for romantic works which sound quite elegant.

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Technical Details

Volume 1 – 24 Stops




Volume 2 – 41 Stops

Rugwerk (I)

Borstwerk (IV)

Hoofdwerk (II)

Bovenwerk (III)


Volume 3 – 55 Stops

Rugwerk (I)

Bovenwerk II (III)

Hoofdwerk (II)

Bovenwerk (III)


Virtual Console

The Bovenkerk Hinsz virtual instrument features a fully interactive graphical console. Animated keyboards, pedals, stops, couplers and ventils are all accessible via MIDI input or touch screens. Additionally 10 Generals and a Set/Cancel piston for quick registration changes are included.

Console displays include:

  • Console View – The original photo-realistic console with all controls.
  • Full View – All controls on a single page for using with a single touch screen.
  • Left Jamb – All controls from the left stop jamb.
  • Right Jamb – All controls from the right stop jamb.