St. Eucaire in Metz, France is home to this beautiful and powerful 18 rank Cavaill?-Coll organ. The instrument is a perfect example of a smaller style French romantic organ and offers a wide range of tonal colors from a carefully selected palette of stops.

The virtual Cavaill?-Coll organ of St. Eucaire includes two separate microphone positions with our Perspective Mixer and an extended edition expanding the instrument to 22 stops.

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Technical Details

Original 18 Stops

Grand Orgue

R?cit expressif


Extended 22 Stops

Grand Orgue

R?cit expressif


Virtual Console

The St. Eucaire virtual instrument features a photo-realistic console display with fully interactive graphical controls. Animated keyboards, pedals, expression pedal, stops, couplers and ventils are all accessible via MIDI input or touch screens. The Settings screen Perspective Mixer controls allows organists to control their own mix between two microphone perspectives.

Console displays include:

  • Console View?- The original console with all controls.
  • Full View?– All controls on a single page.
  • Left Jamb?- All controls from the left jamb.
  • Right Jamb?- All controls from the right jamb.
  • Settings?- Perspective faders, presets, blower levels and expression link.