“Excellent – your samples are a tour de force.”

Peter Dyson, Organist, UK

Termed “The American Classic”, the Grand Organ of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Chicago, Illinois is one of the few Skinner organs that remains in nearly all of its original state.

Organists now have the opportunity to play this magnificent and historic instrument of the early 20th Century in two versions, one with original acoustics and the MasterWorks Edition which features dry pipe samples without acoustics.

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  • Separate wet and dry versions available with nearly 4000 samples.
  • 24-bit 48 kHz HD stereo audio resolution.
  • Wet version with original church acoustics up to 4 seconds.
  • Dry version ideal for use in church or hall.
  • Original tuning with alternate temperament & tuning options.
  • Includes Carillon samples.
  • Accurately reproduced mechanical noises.
  • Up to 8 seamless loops per note.
  • Authentic coupling relay.
  • Authentic combination & capture system.
  • Fully modeled expression and crescendo pedals.
  • Fully modeled wind system.

Technical Details

52 Stops





Tracks 1-19 – Wet Version (Original Acoustics)

Tracks 20-33 – Dry Version (Convolution Reverb Added)

Virtual Console

The Skinner virtual instrument features fully interactive graphical controls. Animated keyboards, pedals, expression pedal, stops, couplers and ventils are all accessible via MIDI input or touch screens. Additionally 20 Generals and a Set/Cancel piston for quick registration changes are included.

Console displays include:

  • Console View – The original console with all controls.
  • Full View – All controls on a single page for using with a single touch screen.
  • Tutti – Select which stops are affected by the Tutti piston.
  • Cresc. Stops – Select which stops are affected by the crescendo.
  • Cresc. Couplers – Select which couplers will be affected by the crescendo.
  • Reservoirs – Shows winding of the reservoits for each division.
  • Left Jamb – All controls from the left jamb for using with dual display touch screens.
  • Right Jamb – All controls from the right jamb for using with dual display touch screens.